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Who we are

Porcelain Tile Guys honors the time-proven tradition of fine Italian porcelain tile thus we ensure that all lovers of porcelain make their homes or offices unique with our high quality porcelain tiles and products. Porcelain Tile Guys is a porcelain tile manufacturer, supplier and installer. We believe that how we do business is just as important as what we make, and we pride ourselves on our friendly, hassle free approach to helping our customers find quality porcelain tiles. E very product Porcelain Tile Guys creates, every service they provide, and even the centralized location of our facility is designed around one thing: our customers and clients.

Our values

Porcelain Tile Guys believes in providing high quality services and products to all our clients. Quality always comes first when it comes to serving our customers and clients. We also believe in complete honesty and transparency with our clients and customers. If a client or customer asks us to use a certain installation design that we know will not be ideal for their home or businesses, we try our best to change their minds and let them know hey we think the design they want is not ideal. We also offer them an alternative for the installation design that would be more applicable for their situation and need. All our services are offered with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

Custom porcelain tiles and products

We can make custom porcelain tiles that are in the shape that the customer needs. If you tend to have a creative mind and think you can come up with a unique porcelain tile shape and let us know about your unique shape through 888-238-8869. We will re-evaluate your shape and let you know if it is ideal. The square and rectangular tile shapes are common, you can have one that is circular or anything else that you think will make your home or office look great.

Porcelain Tile Guys is a group of tile manufacturers who have been in the industry for a very long time but still felt that the customers were not getting everything they need. Porcelain Tile Guys was started as a way to provide the customers with the quality products and services that they deserve. We believe that you deserve the very best thus we strive to ensure that you get that.

Our work approach

The first thing that we always do when potential customers and clients call us is listening to them. We believe that hearing the customer’s view can help us advice them accordingly and provide them with whatever solution they are looking for from us. Porcelain Tile Guys will advice you on the best installation design and also provide you with a quote for the porcelain tiles and installation charges. Our experts will visit your home to study the area so that they can be well prepared and come with all the necessary items needed during the installation of the porcelain tiles. We believe that the success of any project is dependent on working together with the client so as to produce satisfying results thus we will engage the client in all the decisions taken during the installation of the porcelain tiles in your home or business.

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