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We at Porcelain Tile Guys create porcelain tiles and pack them for sale to contractors and home owners who are constructing their home or who want to remodel their homes. We also make other porcelain goods such as decoration flower vases and many more. If you would like our products, you can call us on 888-238-8869 and place an order of the goods or products that you would want from us. You can get our products directly from us or you can get them from our dealers. When you make an order of porcelain tiles or porcelain goods that we offer, we can deliver them to you at a fee.


Porcelain tile Installation

Porcelain Tile Guys offers porcelain tile installation for residential homes and businesses such as hotels vacation homes and offices. Our installation services are done by a team of qualified and skilled experts who have vast knowledge and experience in porcelain tile installation. Whether you want to remodel you kitchen or your bathroom, Porcelain Tile Guys will help you achieve whatever porcelain tile needs you might be having.


Porcelain tile supply and delivery

We offer porcelain tile supply and delivery services to all the contractors and home owners in the region. Call our customer service personnel and place an order of the amount of porcelain tiles that you need or go to our order page and fill in the details of the porcelain tiles that you need and they will be delivered to you by our highly trained and experienced truck drivers who will safely and carefully bring the porcelain tiles to you at the agreed day and time. When the tiles are delivered to you, ensure that you check if they are in good condition so that if there are any damaged goods they can be returned and we offer you a replacement for the broken or damaged porcelain tiles.

Call us on 888-238-8869 and let our experts help you in professionally installing the porcelain tiles in your kitchen or bathroom.

When porcelain tiles properly installed in your kitchen or in your bathroom walls, they can make your bathroom or kitchen look elegant and appealing. If you want to install a porcelain tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, choose Porcelain Tile Guys and you will not be disappointed with our products and services.

Unique porcelain tile installation designs

For your kitchen or bathroom to look elegant and appealing, you need to have porcelain tile installers who are creative enough to come up with a unique design that will complement your kitchen layout. We believe that porcelain tile installation does not only require skills and experience but also requires creativity. Porcelain Tile Guys has numerous unique porcelain tile installation designs on our inspirational gallery where you can get some insight. We can also come up with other new designs that match with the layout of your kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your house or businesses that you would want the porcelain tiles installed. Call us on 888-238-8869 to learn more about our unique porcelain tile installation designs or let us know a design that you have in mind.

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